Light Audits

Texas Tax Consultants is able to offer its current and prospective customers the experience and engineering capabilities to assist in your company’s energy conservation and cost savings efforts. Our professional staff can offer many design options to improve your current lighting system while reducing your energy costs and protecting the environment. Many electricity providers offer incentives to switch to high efficiency lighting that can cut a substantial portion of the cost of the project!

What we can do for you…

  • Energy Savings Analysis – We compare energy savings (wattage reductions and actual dollar savings) and operational savings (lamp, ballast, maintenance and air conditioning savings).
  • Engineering and Design – Technically superior design of the most energy efficient solution for each facility, room or situation.
  • Photometrics – Designed to ensure that each retrofit meets desired and required footcandle levels.
  • Trained Lighting Technicians – Highly trained lighting technicians on installations, all appropriately insured and bonded.
  • Maintenance – Retrofitting and maintaining lighting systems eliminating customer labor and material costs.
  • Performance Contracting – Energy efficient lighting retrofits; Component replacement and material change-out; Guaranteed Performance.

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