Why Choose Us?

Texas Tax Consultants is a company that provides unmatched utility sales tax consultations. As a customer advocate, we minimize tax obligations and maximize restitution, through “Predominant Use Studies”. A “Predominant Use Study” is based on the Texas Comptroller’s Office tax codes (TAC Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter O, Rule 3.295), which requires such a filing to qualify a facility for state and local sales tax exemption on electricity and natural gas billings.

Our certified engineering study will determine the electricity and gas consumed vs. total usage in the facility. Each electric and/or gas meter at a facility must be studied independently to determine its eligibility for tax exemption. If it can be show that more than 50% of electricity and/or gas passing through a particular utility meter is used directly for tax exempt purposes, then the entire usage through that meter is tax exempt. Texas sales and use tax rates up to 8.25% of electricity and/or natural gas billings can be reduced significantly by eliminating this tax at eligible facilities.

Benefit from our efficient five step process:

Free Consultation – Exemption qualification, refund amount, and project cost are estimated.

Facility Inspection – State certified engineer visits facility to collect equipment and building data.

Predominant Use Study – State certified engineering study is concluded.

State Filing – All necessary documentation is submitted to state agencies and utility company.

Exemption & Refund – Progress is tracked until all sales tax adjustments are issued.

No out of pocket expenses!

Substantial Cost Savings – If you qualify, you will no longer pay sales tax on utilities. In addition, you may qualify for a tax refund for up to four years..

Required Documentation – TTC will provide support for your claims should you be audited.

Competitive Advantage – Many competitors may be unaware of these exemptions, so take advantage of these cost savings!

Additional Savings – Many customers are able to take advantage of additional cost savings through cost segregation studies and energy studies. Ask one of our consultants about other cost benefits for which you may be eligible.

Texas Tax Consultants guarantees all of our work.